Asian Noodle and Dumpling Roundup

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Noodles and dumplings are so good. As part of our Chow Mein series, I thought it would be fun to do some looking around the internet and finding great recipes from my peers in the food blogging world. Below is a list of great recipes from spectacular bloggers. This is in an effort to share other people’s good work, but really these roundup posts also help get my juices going. I like to immerse myself in the genre and feeling of the dish I am looking at. The following really helped me get a head start on my Chow Mein series.

Beef Tomato Udon Soup from The Missing Lokness

The writer of this blog is nicknamed Lockness, but unlike the Loch Ness monster, there is no mystery behind this dish. It’s excellent! This is a heartier udon dish than most and one that is sure to fill a person up. I thought the combination looked a bit unique and it has 3 slices of bacon per serving, so how can it be bad?

Pork Belly Ramen from Pinch and Swirl

Look at that pork belly and soft-boiled eggs. When it comes to ramen, I really am a sucker for those two ingredients. In fact, I think that a great egg can turn an ok ramen into a great ramen. And Marissa really isn’t messing around. She makes her own pork belly and ramen noodles. This really looks like a spectacular recipe.

Thai Pad See Ew from This Old Gal

I love these noodles. Or, more appropriately, rice flakes. This is a bit more on the Thai side of things and Thai is probably my favorite Asian cuisines. This dish has a great sauce and is easy to make. Check Jill’s recipe out.


Pan Fried Chinese Dumplings from Savory Tooth

If dumplings magically appeared in front of me, I would be in heaven. Yeah, because they are that good. However, I don’t think I would stop eating them. That would be problematic for a person’s health, right? Fortunately (depending on how you look at it), this recipe only makes five servings, so I think I might survive. Ok, I might have to double the recipe. Julia really makes a great dumpling and you guys should check it out.

Udon Noodle Stir-Fry with Turkey Mince from The Cook Report

The thought of using ground turky with noodles seemed like such an interesting combination, so I included this recipe. I have followed Amy for quite a while and she makes some great dishes, so this one is not going to be different. This Szechuan twist of an Udon noodle dish looks packed with flavor and character.

10 Minute Easy Vegetable Lo Mein from Brooklyn Farm Girl

When I go to my local Asian joints for the buffet, the Lo Mein is one thing I never skip. I love the flavors of Lo Mein and this dish is no different. Lo Mein really is a cousin to Chow Mein, as they are both noodles focused. The difference being that Lo Mein is stirred noodles, while Chow Mein is fried noodles. Check out the rest of this series to get your Chow Mein needs, but for Lo Mein, check out Pamela’s recipe. Also, she has 5 cats. There are not many people that out-cat us (we have four), but we found her!

Lo Mein with Noodles being picked up by chopsticks.


I hope you guys enjoyed this Asian noodle and dumpling roundup. Really, check all of these posts out, as they are all great food bloggers with great recipes. Also, if you like what I do here, please subscribe to get updates by email. Currently, I send out one email a week that gives you a rundown of the posts for that week and a little bit extra.

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