What makes the best hamburger?

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We are on the search for the best hamburger recipe. There are great bacon wrapped burger bombs, 52 cheese stuffed, wiz bang burgers that will knock your socks off… but that is not what I am looking for. I want to explore the basic hamburger and what makes a burger awesome. Simplicity is usually part of the equation of finding ‘the best of.’ Today, we are going to examine the hamburger and elements that will help in our quest to uncover the best hamburger recipe.

Elements of the best hamburger

When I close my eyes and imagine the best burgers I have eaten, first I think about a really juicy patty. Both the cuts of meat and the fat content are important here. Maybe give me a 90/10 burger, turkey burger, or soy on a day when I am just eating for nutrition, but not when I want a mother f*ckin burger. I need a juicy, fat filled patty. One where the meat almost melts in my mouth, but keeps its’ shape as a patty on the bun. I want it to be as juicy as possible, but not so juicy that the hamburger juice bleeds into the bun.

Speaking of buns, this is also a very important component of considering the best hamburger recipe. It should not be red or overly moist. It should have flavor, but does not need too much. The bun in the best hamburger recipe also should not be so large that it overpowers the burger patty. First, I think the patty is the star of this course. Second, one thing that grinds my gears is getting a good burger that is surrounded by a mountain of a bun. If I have to smoosh it down with my hand, struggle to fit it in my mouth, eat it with utensils, it automatically is downgraded. It just does not pass the test for me.

I know that this may be a topic of debate for some people, but cheese belongs on a hamburger. Yes, this technically makes it a cheeseburger, but you will almost never catch me putting a burger on my cast iron or grill without slice of cheese melted around it. Finally, a hamburger needs ketchup. There are a million condiments for a hamburger, but a basic hamburger either needs ketchup, in my opinion.

I think we have covered it. The patty and the bun are the most important part of a hamburger. Secondary considerations are the extras like cheese and ketchup. Keep these considerations in mind on what makes the best hamburger.

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