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Classic Cocktails

I love so many of the classic cocktails! From the old favorites like an Old Fashioned and Manhattan to newer classics like Appletinis and Pennicilins, these are the drinks that bartenders in the best bars will still know how to make, even if they put their own spin on it.

One of the great things about classic cocktails is just how American they are. Up and down the Eastern US coast, cocktails somehow were instituted as uniquely American. The 1860s in New York is about the place where the Manhattan was created.

A bit to the south, the Sazerac has a history in New Orleans. The golden age of the classic cocktail was from about the mid-1800s until Prohibition started in 1920.

Following WWII, classics started being brought back to life and new drinks started to merge. The Moscow Mule is a great drink that was made around this time period, but into the 90s with an Appletini and even more modern classics, like the Gold Rush as a new golden age of cocktails. Both classics and modern cocktails might also be found in our Craft Cocktails recipe area.

We don’t need to dwell on the history if that is not your thing (although here is an entire category about Food and Cocktail History), but only order up a great classic cocktail. Check out my list of classic cocktails and let me know if you are not seeing one on my list that you would like me to cover! I love exploring both the drinks and the history behind them.