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Comfort Food Recipes

Comfort food recipes are dishes that make you feel good. The specifics can mean different things to different people, but feeling good is an important part of it.

For me, they often involve recipes that I enjoyed as a kid or remind me of something that made me feel good when I was young. I love Knoephla Soup and I always think about making this with my grandmother. It brings me back to a time-place where everything seemed perfect. Of course, it helps that this soup is full of homemade chicken stock, cream, butter, and dumplings. The memories help, as well.

These often are not healthy foods, either. I mentioned the ingredients from Knoephla, but it would not be atypical for comfort recipes to have these things going for it. Whether it be a soup recipe, casserole recipe, fried chicken, apple pie, meatloaf, or whatever makes a person feel good, they often are not low on calories, carbs, and fats.

That is ok, though, right? When I make these kinds of foods, I am chasing a feeling and not to stay in my calorie count. I want to feel good or maybe share the memories I have about these foods with others.

One of the beautiful things about comfort food recipes is that these are the things we pass down to our children or serve to people who we love. These are the dishes that can make us feel a certain way and those that know us best probably know what our comfort foods are.

So, maybe you don’t make these dishes every day. Often, like with a tater tot hotdish, you wouldn’t serve it for a fancy-schmancy meal. You would, however, share it with the people you love.

Enjoy my list of comfort food recipes. I hope you love them as much as I do.