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Dinner is my favorite meal of the day and this is a list of all my dinner recipes.The day is starting to come to a close and I have a chance to sit down and reflect on the going ons of the day. If I am going to make something special, it is most likely this meal, as it is the biggest in our house. This is also the meal where we come together and typically share.

That is, we may have our own breakfasts and lunch meals, but we always share dinner together. Sometimes at our dinner table, but other times watching a television show. If we have guests over, it is nearly always for dinner. We share in this meal together and it brings us together. Those are the reasons dinner is my favorite meal.

Early or Late

Dinner is such a funny word. My grandfather used to refer to it as the mid-day meal and I have heard many people use it in that way before. If you look up the definition, however, it doesn’t necessarily refer to the time that the meal is served, but rather the size. Dinner is the main meal of the day.
That said, whether early or late, a good dinner recipe should be one that provides sustenance.

Most Sustaining

A dinner recipe is the main meal of the day, so it should also be the most sustaining. A good dinner recipe should have the most calories, but also a good variety of nutrition and calories. I suppose that even though I think of a dinner recipe as the main course, it could also include side dishes or other portions of the meal.

Biggest Opportunity For Something Special

Since it is the biggest and most sustaining meal of the day and families often have this as their only shared meal, it also provides an opportunity to do something special. Recipes that surround dinner might just bring sustenance and maybe something as simple as a Baked Pasta Al Forno, but it is also a time to try something special.
Maybe you want to make a Homemade Spaghetti or grill up some beautiful Grilled Chicken Thighs with Homemade Blackberry BBQ. A dinner recipe can be simple or hard to make. It doesn’t ever have to be boring.

Guests For Dinner

When we have people over, it usually is for dinner. It is time to showcase the dishes and recipes you like to make. Dinner is a great way to exercise your kitchen muscles and leave your friends or relatives with an impression of what kind of host you are.

A great dinner dish certainly doesn’t make for a personality, but it can leave your guests with a taste of what kind of person you are. Do you cook simple, but delicious, dinner recipes? Do you go all out when you have guests over?
There certainly is no right answer as to what to serve when you have guests over, but that is a great exercise in taking a glimpse into who you are, but also an opportunity to think about what kind of people, or meals, your guests might like.

Having guests over is always a bit stressful for me, but I love the challenge of trying to make a great meal that I want to eat, be proud of, and make my guests feel special. Not everything will go perfectly every time and that is ok. The process of cooking can be just as enjoyable as eating if you let it be.
No matter why you are here, I know you are looking for dinner recipes. I have plenty of them! Take a look at my recipes below and hopefully something strikes your fancy!

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