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Classic Italian Recipes

Italian food is one of my favorites and that is what this recipe category is all about.. When I think about the comfort of a delicious tomato sauce, some nice melted cheese, or maybe some pasta, my heart melts a bit. So, it would seem natural that I gravitate to eating this kind of dish and developing Italian recipes.
This category is dedicated to all the Italian recipes or Italian inspired recipes that I have enjoyed or created over the years. Everything from a homemade spaghetti, to a light lemon sauce, to ALL of the pizzas, these recipes hopefully will get you in the kitchen to create something your family will fawn over.
Pasta dishes aren’t all there is to Italian cuisine, but we certainly indulge in our fair share of it here at Ramshackle Pantry. That said, we definitely have our fill of pizza (and talk about the history of pizza), but leave this open to all kinds of flavorful Italian dishes, dinners, and even desserts.

I am putting Pizza in the Italian category, knowing full well that some of these recipes have more of an American origin, but with Italian inspiration. We did a whole series on the Detroit Style Pizza and the Chicago Style Pizza. Their namesakes are in middle America, but the inspiration and tradition of these recipes goes back to Italy.

Many of these American Italian dishes are brought about by the immigration of Italians in America. As Italians settled throughout America, they brought the delicious Italian flavors with them. Then, like many food stories go, the traditions, up to that point, meld with the local traditions. Either because of necessity or people recognizing good flavors, new dishes are formed and we get new traditions.

Peruse this Italian recipe category and find some delicious meal you want to make. I fully expect you to report back on how it goes!