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Easter Recipes

Easter is such a lovely time of year, but my favorite part is getting together with people and sharing our dinner table. The food that any holiday brings can be special, but Easter is always just a little different.

From a culinary perspective in America, it is similar to many of our other major holidays. Yes, we have our colored eggs and, presumably, some egg recipes to follow. Many families have ham or turkey as the main dish.

Some have a potluck where guests bring a dish and this is always fun. From pasta salads to potato salads, to all the great Jell-O desserts. It is fun to try other people’s food. Even if they are often the same year after year, it is great to see and partake in these traditions.

The food is often similar to other holidays, but the feeling and time of year is part of what makes it interesting to me. Spring is here and for those of us who live a bit farther north, the cool weather starts to break. Lives start to peak through the frozen grounds and trees start to come alive.

For us, the Cardinals start coming out more and the days are just starting to stick around, particularly after daylight savings ends. Simply having more warm days and longer days starts to feel good.

So, Easter comes around and it can serve as a community renewal. Of course, there is a religious aspect to Easter, as well. It also is a message of life. Easter celebrates life and the resurrection of Jesus.

From the last meal to the resurrection, we always have food. Food and recipes are not only a way to nourish, but a way to celebrate. We get together on Easter to celebrate Spring, friends, family, life, and even resurrection because life will start to grow anew.

Think about that the next time you are hovering over some Deviled Eggs. :)