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New Orleans Recipes

New Orleans is a special place and has a unique culture surrounding its food and beverage. We have spent quite a bit of time covering the Sazerac cocktail, but there really is more to New Orleans than the Sazerac. The area is rich with flavor. You won’t be disappointed with my New Orleans recipes.

Mardis Gras is a holiday that has a world history, but this event has found a home in New Orleans and all around Lousiana. Part of the celebration includes drinks, food, and parades.

Included in this area is all of our Sazerac posts, but we also explore other areas of New Orleans Recipes. One interesting ingredient that New Orleans has become known for is Absinthe.

While a European drink, New Orleans long served as a port that received all sorts of interesting goodies that were not available elsewhere. Thus, we see cocktails like the Sazerac and the Monkey Gland come to rise in the region.

One thing that is interesting about the region is that it never was in British control. That is right. Throughout the history of the area, the British never owned New Orleans. This absolutely impacted the food and drink of the region.

Look forward to other traditional recipes that might fit well into our New Orleans Recipe Category. Jumbalaya, Gumbo, and Beignets are all dishes that are traditional to the area.

These are some of Ramshackle Pantry’s best recipes that represent Mardis Gras, Louisiana, and New Orleans. Enjoy these cocktails, history, and dishes.