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Summer Recipes

Life springs anew in the Spring, but Summer is when everything starts to really shine. It is the time for BBQs, deck sipping drinks, and delicious cookout dishes. Gardens start to produce a bounty and the flowers show their true colors. Why not take advantage of Summer with some great Summer recipes?

Even if it is the dead of Winter, you may even just want a taste of the warmer months. A fun blended drink like a Strawberry Margarita might be just what the doctor orders in the middle of February when it is freezing out or when it is 90 and you need something to quench that thirst.

Summer is one of my favorite times of year. Being from the upper midwest, it is a reprieve from the snow and our gardens start to really shine. Peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and peppers are all things that we love to pick fresh.

Fresh garden shell peas might be my favorite thing in the universe. I have pretty fond memories of getting lost in my uncle’s pea patch, walking out of it with maybe some peace and leaving a pile of empty pea shells.

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Whatever your favorite summer vegetable is, we have something for you. Whatever your favorite Summer grilling recipe is, we have you covered. Search around and find the right Summer recipe for you!