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Traditional Recipes

Traditions are special and when it comes to recipes, I feel that tradition is extra important. Recipes are handed down from generation to generation with origins in regions, nations, cultures, towns, families, or among friends. The legacy of these recipes can reach back hundreds of years and making these traditional recipes is an expression of what brings us comfort and can be an acknowledgment to our past.

When I make my lefse recipe, I think of holidays in my family. When I think about it more, however, I think about my great grandmother Hannah, who I knew. She made and ate lefse as part of her Norwegian tradition. Both of my great grandparents immigrated from Norway to the US and the tradition I enjoy today has roots going back to Norway that came over with Hannah.

When I make my Knoephla soup recipe, it harkens to my mother’s German ancestry and a recipe that traveled with our family from Germany to France to Russia and finally to America in the 1800s. But, my family is not the only one, as my region is full of Germans that immigrated to the US to search for a better life.

We all have our family traditions, even if sometimes we lose them. It is ok to lose them, but they can be found. A bit of research into your heritage’s traditional recipes can help connect people with their past and with each other. The recipes in this section represent any sort of traditional recipe with a foundation in history. Search here to find comfort food and traditional recipes from all over the globe!