Classic cocktails – The Manhattan drink

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There are few that have claim to American cocktail royalty and the Manhattan drink certainly is in that royal court. It emotes old school cool and visions of the New York 24 hour bustle. Whenever I order a Manhattan drink, there is a shadow of Frank Sinatra crooning his rendition of New York, New York in my brain. That the Manhattan drink is more than just a cocktail is why it is worth spending time on and diving deeper. I will be spending the next few weeks taking a look at this famous Manhattan Drinkdrink. We will search for the perfect Manhattan recipe. Then we will take a look at some history and lore. Finally, I hope to discover and share what can make this drink so special.

To get the ball rolling, lets take a look at some Manhattan recipes from around the web.

Manhattan Drink Recipes

Classic Manhattan Cocktails

Woodford Reserve Manhattan recipe

Another Manhattan Recipe

There are lots of opinions on what makes a perfect Manhattan. There are many different ways to prepare and serve this drink and, ultimately, find a drink that works for you. While I am interested in looking closely and forming my own opinions, part of this experience is to have fun. What better way to have fun than to make a Manhattan drink the way that you want it made.

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