Detroit Style Pizza Series Announcement

March 11, 2019 (Last Updated: May 19, 2019) - As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Pizza is the perfect food. There are seemingly infinite combinations, crusts, sauces, and toppings that can come together to strike anybody’s fancy. Simply, I love pizza and that is why we are going to explore the Detroit Style Pizza. We are going to spend the next several weeks learning about The Detroit pizza style and hopefully making some awesome pizzas along the way.

Why Detroit Style Pizza?

We did a previous series on Chicago Style Pizza and it has been one of my favorite series to date. Pizza has a long and storied history, but you really get to double down on the history aspect when you start diving into regional styles. These regional styles have local histories and heritage with roots in the shared history of pizza, but unique style origin stories that are very interesting and celebrate the region. I am excited to learn about the history of this pizza and really learn about it.

Honestly, I am not even sure what exactly constitutes a Detroit style Pizza yet, but I know that it is square and it has burnt crusts with tons of cheese around the edges. For me, it is starting off on the right foot!

What I Will Cover In This Series

Of course, we will be making our version of a perfect Detroit Style Pizza. While I have never made this specific style of pizza, I am looking forward to finding my best Detroit Style Pizza. I get to cook (and eat) so much pizza over the next few weeks and I am stoked. Also, we will be learning the origin of the Detroit Style pizza. Finally, we are going to try and make some fun and interesting versions of this pizza that might not be the most traditional. What does that mean? I am not sure, but stick around, as we are going to eat some great food, share some great recipes, and learn a few things along the way!

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