Enchilada side dish round up

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July 2, 2017 (Last Updated: June 19, 2017)
Pinto beans

We have been taking a deep dive into enchiladas the past while, but what do you serve with enchiladas? Well, I thought I would take this post to share some good looking recipes for good accompaniments to your enchilada.

Mexican Food Journal

Douglas at Mexican Food Journal lives in Mexico and has a real passion for the food. He has two recipes that I think would be great accompaniments to an enchilada dish and worth trying.

Mexican green rice – Some call it cilantro rice and Douglas not only provides a great recipe, but some interesting details about uniquely Mexican rice.

Frijoles de la olla – aka Beans in a pot. Once again, he provides some details about the kind of beans being used and keeps in the spirit of the kind of research that I love doing. These beans look tasty and authentic.

Erica Julson

Erica is a registered dietician nutritionist, so you can be assured some healthy recipes and I can tell she takes great care in making a tasty meal!

Rice cooker Mexican rice – First, I love my rice cooker. They are gifts from dear sweet Jeebus above. While the recipe Erica details is finished in the rice cooker, she adds some interesting techniques on how to treat the rice before putting it in a rice cooker. I know that I have made dishes just by putting stuff in my rice cooker and I think Erica may have just let me step my rice cooker game up a notch.

Corn and bean summer salad – This looks like a colorful, delicious, and healthy side dish to any Mexican meal you may be making!

Vintage Kitty

I am not gonna lie, her photographs made my mouth water. Not only that, Charity has 3 cats and a dog, which I can appreciate that chaos, as we have a gaggle of animals as well. I dig her style and her food!

Chorizo Pinto Beans – While I have a vegetarian in my household… I am not and am a sucker for chorizo! NOM! She provides a great recipe with a few different possibilities in cooking, as well as she got to use oregano from her own garden. How cool is that?

Candied chili and Lime Mexican Bunuelos – This looks like a spiced up, crispier version of what is celebrated in the plains as fry bread. And oh, man, what a tasty treat.

Watermelon margaritas – What a great looking drink and I really appreciate the time and care she took with the garnish. Additionally, cocktails are always a plus.

Misc web finds

Spanish Rice from Lil Luna – This is probably the side dish that I think of most when I eat any Mexican dish.

Fiesta Rice Recipe from Diethood – A colorful and diet conscious addition to an enchilada.

Cilantro Lime Rice from Cooking Classy – Alright… my wife hates cilantro, but I love it. And guess who does the cooking? I might have to give this one a try. 😉
Slow Cooker Black Beans from Culinary Hill MAGIC BEANS

Easy Mexican Pinto Beans and Rice from Dinner at the Zoo Her take on this dish makes a filling and tasty side dish to any Mexican dish.

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