Finishing up our Sazerac Deep Dive

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February 26, 2018
overhead shot of sazerac

Here we are at the end of another flavor journey deep dives. We have drunk all the Sazeracs and drank a bit more. But, alas, dear Sazerac, you will not be far away. For I shall hold you dear to my heart and my liquor cabinet forever more.

Boy, that was frilly, huh? There is some truth to that, however, as I started off this series having never imbibed on the classic cocktail, but ending this series with a good understanding of the drink. Not to mention, I think I can make a pretty darn good Sazerac! I am not going to go as far as saying that I am a professional at it, as I think I need a few actual New Orleans Sazerac cocktails under my belt to get the full experience.

Oh, and we really covered some history in this post. New Orleans and absinthe really have such a colorful and rich history to explore that it just felt right to dedicate three whole posts to the history of this beautiful cocktail and the city of New Orleans.

What We Covered In The Sazerac Series

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