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Exciting news folks! We are starting a new Apple Pie Series AND we are kicking off a contest! That’s right, people. We are having our first giveaway on Ramshackle Pantry! I am calling it the Back To School For Adults Giveaway. My recipes are generally on the adultish end of the scale anyways and I am here to celebrate YOU, fellow adults. It is THAT time of the year again, to send the kids back to school and post those front porch pics of your kid holding up signs. Here I am, about to enter something like the 38th grade. So, we are moving from Margaritas to Apple Pies and giving away a cocktail shaker kit in celebration! If this is your first time here, make sure to check out the About page and the Start Here page to get an idea of what we do. Sign up for the contest and thanks for reading!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

The prize an also be seen here!

Ways to Enter Giveaway

The only mandatory entry is by subscribing to get updates via email. Once you do that, you will unlock two other ways to enter. First, you will gain additional entries by following me on Insta and filling out the additional information in the giveaway form. Finally, you can gain an entry every day by tweeting about the giveaway in the giveaway form. Thank you for playing along!

Additionally, here is the direct link to the contest sign up.

If you haven’t used Rafflecopter (the service I use to administer the contest), here is a quick video on how it works

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Apple Pie Series

So, we are giving away a great adult tool for making great adult treats, but we are also starting to work on Apple Pies. The apple season is upon us and if you have any trees, now is about the time when they are just getting big enough to fall from the tree. They are not quite done enough for eating, but they are sweet enough to attract hornets. Yeah, hornets are not fun. As a person with an apple tree, I hate hornets.

What I Hope To Cover

First and foremost, we are going to share some apple pie recipes. I have made a few apple pies before, but this is not really a dish I have that much experience with. So, this could be a fun one where we get to learn about apple pie making together. Additionally, we are going to look into the history of apple pie and I suspect we will be making a few apple inspired cocktails.

I hope you guys really enjoyed the Margarita Series and hope you like this pie business even more. Make sure to sign up for the Giveaway to win a Cocktail Shaker Kit and thanks for following along!

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