The Grasserac – Sazerac’s Hemp Based Cocktail Cousin

Grasserac cocktail with hemp vodka and other sazerac cocktails

The bad boy of the Sazerac is its absinthe. Pair that with hemp infused vodka for a double dose of bad boy with The Grasserac!




  1. Fill Old Fashioned Glass with Ice and cold water
  2. In mixing vessel, add 1 sugar cube and add bitters
  3. Add 1 ” of the stick of lemongrass
  4. Add a splash of water
  5. Muddle
  6. Add ice to mixing vessel
  7. Add vodka and whiskey
  8. Add whiskey
  9. Empty the glass filled with ice water
  10. Add the splash of absinthe and swirl around to try and coat inside of glass
  11. Dump any remaining absinthe
  12. Using mixing spoon, stir whiskey vodka concoction for about 10 seconds
  13. Strain into empty glass
  14. Garnish with remaining lemongrass stick
  15. SERVE


Click here for DIY recipe for sugar cubes