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Summer means grilling and that is just what I am going to do! To date, I have covered specific dishes and cocktails, but the Summer bug is on me and I want to spend some time just talking about grilling. Our last series was on the Sangria and over the next several weeks I am going to give you some grilling recipes to go with that beautiful drink.

If you haven’t visited Ramshackle Pantry before, we spend several weeks on a topic. During that time, we will look at the history of that item, maybe look at the ingredients, and then we will provide several recipes. Check out the Start Here page for more info, but grilling is exactly what we are going to do for the next several weeks.


One of the first series I did was on the hamburger and WHEW I have really improved on SO MANY levels as a food blogger since then. I probably will revisit some of that, but we will also be looking at steaks, the history of grilling, and several other recipes. I am really excited to get that grill going, improve my grill game, and learn a bunch of stuff in the process!

My Wife and Grilling

Poor, poor, Ashley. She is a vegetarian, but still loves the smell of grilling. I am sure I will be doing some version of vegetarian grilling in this series, but I know the smell of steak and burgers are going to get to her. We have actually found several vegetarian alternatives to many grilling items that I make for her and sometimes eat myself. Some of them are actually pretty decent, but I love cooking up a good and hearty T-Bone or beer brats.

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