Knephla Soup – Quick and Easy German Comfort Food

Bowl of Knephla Soup on a tin platter with garlic, onions, celery and carrots.

This Quick and Easy Knephla Soup is Upper Midwest comfort food at it’s finest. This dish with German origins made it’s way to North Dakota and into our hearts. Find out why with this great recipe.




  1. Add butter to large pot and set stove to low
  2. While melting, add chopped carrots and celery
  3. Once butter is melted, add flour and mix
  4. Add chicken stock and turn stove to medium high
  5. Add potatoes and cook until tender
  6. Add dumplings and allow to cook for about 5 minutes or whatever the package indicates
  7. Remove from heat and add cream
  8. Servie

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