In search of the best Mojito recip

In search of the best Mojito

We are deep into summer where I live. It is hot, humid, and I am constantly looking for ways to stave off the uncomfortableness that can come with this…

enchilada sauce ingredients

Tomato enchilada sauce recipe

An enchilada’s sauce really can add depth and flavor. As previously mentioned, the word “enchilada” originates from the word “enchilar”, which literally translates into “to season with chili.” A…

completed corn tortillas

Homemade corn tortillas from scratch

One of the most identifying and unique elements of enchiladas (and much of traditional Mexican food) is the corn tortilla. Corn tortillas separate burritos from enchiladas. More importantly, they…

Handrink Solo

New Book Project

As some of you know, a few years ago we (Jenna and I) self published the book Fifty Shades of Bacon. It is a silly little book, put together…