#recipefirst Food Blogging

Recipe first food blogging? What is that? Aren’t all food blogs trying to make recipes first? Yes! The great majority of food bloggers want to get our recipes to readers however they would prefer to consume it. Unfortunately, the ‘formula’ of traditional recipe blogs is very counterintuitive to making the recipes the easiest thing to find. There are several reasons for this, which I will touch on, but I am trying something different (you can learn more about me here).  I am going to try and get the recipe to the forefront as quickly as possible.


The “Too Long, Didn’t Read” is that #recipefirst works to get the recipe to your eyes as fast as possible, while still giving readers an option to engage with my blog, read recipe nuances, and build a community with a way to EXPAND the content.

You can see it on any recipe post here at Ramshackle Pantry like this Limoncello and Rhubarb Cocktail, the Carolina Reaper Hot sauce recipe, or these Beer Battered Fish Tacos. My cocktail and history posts, however, do not crunch down into the same format.

Why Do Blogs Have Any Text Other Than The Recipe?

Search Engines Like Text

A big way that blogs gain traffic is through search engines. They tend to favor content that is longer. This means that we try to write quality content and also try to do it in a way that makes search engines happy. This means long content.

Recipes can have nuances that should have some explanation

When I create a recipe, sometimes I run into problems. I think it can be very helpful to share those obstacles and give some hints into them. For example, I recently wrote a recipe that included mascarpone cheese. We combine the soft cheese with cream. Well, in using different brands of mascarpone cheese, I learned they can make a difference in the end result. Discussing this can be very useful for the user.

Being able to anticipate potential problems and answer them up front is great.

We have something to say!

I research the history of the topics I cover and include that in some of my posts or make separate one. Every blog has different reasons for writing, with varying degrees of wanting to write, but we almost all write. In fact, I love the writing aspect of blogging. Writing and research are some of my favorite parts of the process.

Community Building

Most of us want to share recipes, but we also want people to remember us and come back! So, we write about our lives. All of us food bloggers have our uniqueness. I want to share mine.

Advertising Revenue

Not only does it cost money to maintain a blog, but for some of us it is our side hustle or even our main income. There is a revenue aspect that cannot be ignored when it comes to any endeavor that takes up so much time and energy. I want to share my recipes and research with the world, but I also want to be compensated and make some cash for all of the work that we put into recipe development, photography, tools, time, etc.

Having content can help generate revenue in a variety of ways.

Why Do Food Blogs Show Recipes At The Bottom?

First, Most Try And Make It Easy

It is common practice by many food bloggers to have buttons at the top to bring a user directly to the recipe. Food Bloggers work to try and make it as easy as possible to get to the recipe. People often ignore the buttons or just don’t see them, as just we have been trained to ignore the conent… unless you are interested in the specific blog.

It is just how it has been done

With the exception of some really big blogs, the ‘formula’ is just how this is done! The entire food blogger world is just built around the idea that you have a title, content, and then the recipe. I mean it makes sense, in a way. The recipe is like the climax of your story. Why would you give away the climax right away?

We want to engage people

The reality is that most food bloggers want to build a community of readers. The best kind of blog fans are the ones that keep on coming back. Part of that includes writing for them. In fact, I want to write specifically for people who are interested in coming back and engaging with me.

Fans are the best!

Ad Income

While there are several different business models, some include ads on your site. The more time a person spends on your site, the more potential ad revenue. So, if the recipe is at the bottom, it can help with paying the bills.

How Can You Support This Endeavor?

This can become more commonplace if you support it? Well, you can support me. Visit my website and share https:ramshacklepantry.com or this page with your friends. Help make it the norm by supporting it as the norm!