Six Grill Accessories I Love

July 4, 2018 (Last Updated: May 29, 2019) - As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

First, happy Fourth of July! I bet many of you are getting your grill going today before some fireworks and fun time with the family! That is awesome and I hope you all have the best day possible. Now, on to the fun stuff. Today, I am going to do something just a little bit different. I am no stranger to the grill, but really have doubled down on my grilling skills with this series. I am going to share with you some of the grill accessories I rely on for making a great grilling experience. What better way to celebrate America than with a little grilling consumerism!

A Weber Grill!

Perhaps not a grill accessory, but the grill itself. Look, I am a Weber guy and I doubt that is going to change. There are many reasons to buy a Weber, but one of the great things about this grill is they will just continue making parts. If you buy a Weber now and take care of it, it will be fine in 20 years. And if it needs new parts in 15, they will most likely still be available. So, check out the Weber Grills! While any works, I have really enjoyed my Weber Genesis. I may have some other brands around, but guaranteed there will always be a Weber grill in my backyard.

Meat Thermometer

So X guy or Y expert touches a grilling steak and can tell the doneness. Great for them. Can they do the same for chicken? Maybe. How about Chicken wings? Here is the deal. Temperature matters with grilling. You need to be able to pull that steak, pork chop, or chicken off of the grill at the right time to get maximum flavor and moistness. A meat thermometer can make that happen and super important in your arsenal of grill accessories.

Additionally, every grill is slightly different. They are different shapes and reach different temperatures. If they have thermometers, they are placed differently and have different leaks. Temping your meat is the only surefire way to know about your grilling meat temps.

Outside of a grill, I think a good thermometer is the most important tool for a griller to have.

A Good Set Of Grilling Tongs

I do think a spatula is important, but I tend to use tongs far more often on the grill. Mostly, as I am picking up slabs or tubes of meat. Get a set of these bad boys today. I would recommend a big set of grilling utilities, but I just don’t think most people need all these doodads. Many people already have many of these items and I am already kind of a minimalist, so I am keeping my recommendation to tongs and spatulas.

Grill Spatula

Pretty much the same as above. It is nice to have a good spatula to keep your grill in order and to flip burgers.

Smoke Box

This does not come into great use every day, but I use mine quite a bit. For any meat that needs more than a few minutes on the grill, I consider using my smoke box. No, it isn’t as good as a fully functional smoker, but I end up using it for cooking chicken or pork chops. I have also cooked ribs on my grill and it was a necessity for that process. Don’t forget to soak your wood!

Silicon Brushes

Just what it says. When I am brushing on a glaze or bbq sauce, this becomes a super important tool in my arsenal of grill accessories. I highly recommend having a good grilling brush around for all of the important grill brush applications.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these six grill accessories. You can investigate any of the products in this post further by clicking links to be brought to the Amazon page that better describes the products!


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