Six Interesting and Delicious Summer Grilling Recipes

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Before we get too deep into any series, I like to step back and see what other people are doing and that is just what we are going to do for our grilling series. I looked hard and wide to find some interesting and tasty looking grilling recipes. That is what we are going to focus on today, interesting grilling recipes. While I often think that simple is best, I do love finding spectacular recipes that push simplicity. With that, I urge you to take a look at these great recipes and give them a try!

The Ultimate Grilled Watermelon Salad from Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

Want to make a fancy appetizer? Chris has you covered with this Grilled Watermelon Salad. Not only does it have the grilled watermelon, it has so many excellent flavors that I am really excited about. It has a bit of stanky cheese going on with the Blue Cheese and some great zing with the balsamic glaze. This grilled dish is looking really good, but it MIGHT be bacon my heart a little since it doesn’t have bacon on it. 😉

Grilled Shrimp with Chimichurri Sauce from The Hungry Bluebird

The first thing that caught my eye on this recipe was the photo shown here. It is EXACTLY what I am hungry for right now, but perhaps a double helping. Additionally, Kelly went on to talk about her herb garden and that is speaking our language. I am not the gardner, but my wife does all the growing and I do the cooking. Fresh herbs are awesome and Kelly has them in this recipe.

Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken Pineapple Rice Bowls from Delicious Table

Lisa has something beautiful going on with this rice bowl. Honestly, I really have a hunkering to get back to Hawaii and a meal like this makes me think of the place. Not to mention, the food looks awesome and I love that she served this dish in the pineapple. How the pineapple skin is used as a dish doesn’t really add to the flavor, but I feel details like this can really bring people to a place they are not. Well, Lisa brought me back to Hawaii for a few minutes with this dish.


Sticky Asian Blood Orange Chicken from Savor With Jennifer

I love the use of blood oranges in this dish. Maybe it is just because I am noticing it more, but I feel like I am seeing blood oranges more often at the supermarket. It isn’t like the blood orange is a foreign ingredient for me, but isn’t an everyday item. Maybe with this increased availability, I just need to start making more recipes with them. As a bonus, she calls for drumsticks or thighs in this recipe. Get those chicken breasts OUUUTAAA HHHHEEERE and hook me up with some beautiful chicken thighs!


Grilled Watermelon Habanero Margarita from Easy Cooking With Molly

I can’t go too long in doing this without including a cocktail and this one fits the bill. It has a lot of flavors going on and looks absolutely gorgeous! I have been messing around with grilled fruits in cocktails as recently as last night, so I am pretty pumped to see this great cocktail. Molly hits it out of the par with this one.

Grilled Peaches and Honey Whipped Cream from Marissa Moore

Grilled peaches and cream in bowls with two spoons

Source: Marisa Moore

Marissa serves up a beautiful and tasty looking dessert or snack with these grilled peaches. Ok, so the cream isn’t quite whipped cream, I think this honey yogurt version would make for an excellent dessert! Plus, I just am infatuated with grilling my fruits right now. This is a beautiful looking dish, Marissa.

Finally, if you can’t find something here that intrigues you, check out Recipe Lion’s grilling section for many different ideas! I submit all of my recipes here and there are a number of easy ways to search on the site.

So, we have six beautiful and interesting grilled dishes for you to try out. These are some great bloggers with interesting takes on the grill. I recommend you go to each of these websites, check out their recipes, and make some awesome grilling stuff tonight. And as always, if you like what we are doing here, subscribe to be on my email list and follow me on Instagram!.

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    Molly Kumar
    June 12, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    What an amazing & interesting roundup of grilled recipes. I’m so ready for the grilling season and will have to try these soon.

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