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November 30, 2017 (Last Updated: May 15, 2019) - As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Every once in awhile I like to add a personal post that is outside of cooking and recipes. Yeah, we end up talking about some food items, as I like stuffing my face, but all topics are open. And it is the holiday season, so we have plenty to talk about, right?

Netflix’s Mindhunter

To start off all the Christmas talk, let’s start off with a little murder and the television series, Mindhunter! I know I am a little late with this series, but wowza. What a great show. The basic story is that it is the late seventies and the main characters are FBI agents just starting to create sophisticated serial killer profiling. They travel the country and interview mass murderers.

The thing about the killers they interview is that while the show is fictional, the people they are interviewing are based in reality. You can find real interviews of some of these individuals and compare them to the interviews in the show. They try to stay true to what the people are. Certainly an eerie show, but definitely worth the watch.

Hot Toddy Cocktails

Since we are covering this cocktail right now, I better throw this in the mix, right? It is starting to get really cold outside and am happy that I decided to experiment with this cocktail. This fireplace favorite really has been fun to explore.

Knoephla Soup

We did a simple “at home” Thanksgiving this year, so I cooked our Turkey day meal. Not only did it give me a chance to experiment with new recipes, but also to think ahead about leftovers. I have really been hunkering for some knoephla soup. I cooked a few cornish hens for Thanksgiving and then made some stock from them. This week I made some magic with knoephla.

If you don’t know what knoephla soup is, it is a buttery, creamy, dumpling soup of German origin. I have very fond memories of making this soup with my grandmother. This is sort of the recipe I use for Knoephla. That is not the exact recipe. It is more in my mind and I try to use heavy cream, but the link is the just of the recipe. It is a chicken based broth with added cream, dumplings, and some vegetables. I always try to make the broth from a thick roux, as I LOVE that hearty feeling and flavor. 

All Of Our Critters.

There is Milo, Hansel, Gretel, Val, and Kate Winslet. Boy, they are all a pain in the ass, but I love em all. But Flokki has not had a good week. Poor Flokki the Betta fish is now in a better place. The little guy got stuck in one of the little fish things in his aquarium. He was fine in the morning. That night, not so much.

Things I Am Not Digging – Surgery

I have a surgery scheduled for next week on my knee. YUCK. All those years of running are coming back to haunt me with some knee stuff. I guess this is part of getting older and running stupid distances.

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