White Russian Wrap Up

October 18, 2018 (Last Updated: May 17, 2019) - As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night. Here we are at the end of our White Russian Series. We have covered so much in this series and it has been really fun to explore this classic cocktail. From the interesting history to exploring savory coffee dishes to making the classic cocktail itself. It has been a journey. Before we move on, I am going to make sure to add an endcap to this project and give a list of all the posts that we have covered. So, here we go.

White Russian Series Recap

  • Intro – Where we started off this cocktail series.
  • The History of the White Russian – We really dived deep into the origins of this cocktail and learned some interesting things. What surprised me most was just how worldly the drink is. So many elements had to come together from across the globe to make the White Russian happen. Check this one out.
  • The Classic White Russian – Our recipe for a classic White Russian cocktail.
  • Savory Coffee Recipe Roundup – Here we explore some recipes from around the web that are inspired by coffee flavors, much like the White Russian.
  • Homemade Kahlua – That’s right. We make our own Kahlua and it might be easier than you think and much more economical.
  • White Russian Coffee with Kahlua Whipped Cream – We make a hot coffee drink that has the spirit of the classic White Russian. Kahlua Whipped cream? Yes Please.
  • White Russian Mini Trifle Dessert – An individual dessert that contains all of the elements of a White Russian, plus some extra dessert flavors.
  • Homemade Whipped Cream – I sidetrack for a minute since we have been using so much whipped cream to give a simple, easy whipped cream recipe.
  • White Russian Alcoholic Milkshake – Oh, another dessert! Also inspired by the White Russian, this adult milkshake has all the yumminess of a White Russian and is really meant to be a decadent dessert drink.

And here we are at the end. Another thing I like to do is recap all the products we used in this series. This gives you a chance to get any shopping you need so you can make some of the great recipes outlined in this series.

Products Used In The White Russian Series

And that concludes this broadcast of the White Russian series. STAY TUNED! In the next series, we are going to explore some comfort food of mine with German Origins. I am really excited to look into this one. Sign up to get updates via email, follow me on Instagram, and Pinterest.


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