Horse's Neck Cocktail

A single Horse's Neck Cocktail on a serving plate with a lemon and bonsai tree in the background.

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A simple, pretty brandy cocktail that is defined just as much by the garnish as the ingredients. Don't let the ingredients fool you, though, as the Horse's Neck is a super tasty drink. 



  • Lemon Peel, long spiral
  • 2 ounces Brandy
  • Ginger Ale


  1. Add Lemon peel to empty highball glass and drape one end over lip.
  2. Fill glass with ice while trying to maintain look of lemon peel spiraling up the glass and holding one end at top of glass
  3. Add brandy
  4. Top glass off with ginger ale 


  • Use a channel knife [AFFILIATE LINK] in a zester to get the long lemon garnish.
  • Place the lemon garnish in the drink before adding ice and hold the other end over the edge to get a desired spiral look. 
  • I call for brandy, but you can use whiskey in a pinch.


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