World’s Spiciest Bloody Mary

The world's spiciest boody mary on a picnic table with a bunch of ingredients that go with it.

This is the World’s Spiciest Bloody Mary. Are you a pepper head or someone who loves spicy things? Give this detailed recipe a try to quench that pepper hunger. Or it is perfect if you just want to make someone cry.




  1. Sprinkle celery salt generously onto a small plate
  2. Moisten pint glass rim with one lemon or lime wedge
  3. Put rim on celery salt plate to coat the rim with the salt
  4. Fill the glass with ice
  5. In shaker, squeeze 1 lemon wedge and lime wedge into it
  6. Drop spent wedges into the shaker.
  7. Add Carolina Reaper infused vodka, tomato juice, Carolina Reaper hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce,
  8. horseradish, and pepper to the shaker
  9. Lightly shake
  10. Strain into a pint glass
  11. Garnish with lemon, lime, Carolina Reaper Pickled Egg, and celery stalk.
  12. serve


  • The time listed to make assumes that the individual components have already been made.
  • For Hot Sauce, either order Carolina Reaper hot sauce OR make your own Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce with this recipe. 
  • For the Pickled Egg, check out this Carolina Reaper Pickled Egg.
  • See this blog post for instructions on the Carolina Reaper infused Vodka. Basically chopped Carolina Reaper peppers in vodka and allow it to sit for a week.

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