The Best Sazerac Recipe

Sazerac on wood plank with lemon and mixing spoon

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How to make the best classic Sazerac cocktail. Celebrate New Orleans culture with this cocktail and drink an awesome drink tonight!




  1. Fill one Old Fashioned Glass with Ice and cold water
  2. In the other glass, place sugar cube at the bottom
  3. Add 4 dashes of bitters and just a splash of water
  4. Muddle until mixed
  5. Add ice to same glass
  6. Add whiskey
  7. Empty the glass filled with ice water
  8. Add the splash of absinthe and swirl around to try and coat inside of glass
  9. Dump any remaining absinthe
  10. Using mixing spoon, stir whiskey concoction for about 10 seconds
  11. Strain whiskey concoction into empty glass
  12. Express lemon peel into cocktail, wipe edges with peel and add as garnish
  13. Enjoy


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