Easy Pork Schnitzel Recipe

Four Pork Schnitzel cutlets on a large white platter, garnished with parsley and lemon.

You don’t have to have German heritage to celebrate awesome German recipes and this Easy Pork Schnitzel recipe is a great way to do just that! It is simple, affordable, easy, and fast. This pork schnitzel is great for a weeknight meal or for something to serve to special guests. Give this classic German recipe a try!




  1. Pound each of the trimmed cutlets to about 1/4 inch. It is best to plastic wrap on each side and hammer with the flat side of a meat tenderizer
  2. One at a time, dunk in milk so entire cut is covered
  3. coat in flour
  4. Dunk in egg so entire surface is covered
  5. Cover cutlet bread crumbs and set aside
  6. Repeat until all four cutlets are covered
  7. Fill sturdy, skillet with oil and heat to 350 Fahrenheit
  8. Cook each cutlet 45 seconds on each side until done. Minimum internal temp of 145 Fahrenheit
  9. Set aside on paper-towel lined plate to drain
  10. Serve with parsley and lemon



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