Frozen Kiwi Coconut Margarita

Frozen Kiwi Coconut Margarita with a kiwi slice as garnish. There is some ice laying on the board below along with a dish of sliced kiwi and a plate of sugar that was used for rimming the glass

Splashes of the tropics in Margarita form. This Frozen Kiwi Coconut Margarita brings all the tasty margarita flavors together in one glass. Try one today.




  1. Add ice to blender
  2. Add tequila, Triple Sec, juice from the lime, coconut milk, kiwi, and simple syrup to blender
  3. Blend
  4. Using the spent lime, moisten margarita glass rim and rim with sugar
  5. Pour contents of blender into margarita glasses
  6. Serve

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