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If you need some Summer flavors, give this delicious Frozen Kiwi Coconut Margarita a try. This deck sipper has the sweet tropical flavors that will make you sit down on your deck and enjoy the weather. Or if it is Winter, bring you to Summer.

Frozen Kiwi Coconut Margarita with a kiwi slice as garnish. There is some ice laying on the board below along with a dish of sliced kiwi and a plate of sugar that was used for rimming the glass

My wife wanted a kiwi cocktail, so I decided we better make a kiwi cocktail. Or did she decide? hmmm. Since we are in the middle of our margarita series, what better way to deliver than with a kiwi inspired margarita? We took it a step further and came up with a Kiwi Coconut Margarita. So, get your blenders out for our Frozen Kiwi Coconut Margarita.

Why Did You Add Coconut?

My wife asked for a kiwi cocktail, so why did I add coconut? Flavor. I first started off with just a kiwi margarita and I found the flavor to be far too light for my liking. It needed some extra fruity flavor to live up to our expectations for this drink. We added this flavor in two ways. First, the coconut milk gave us a richness and texture that added to this kiwi coconut margarita. Secondly, I decided to add a splash of simple syrup to the drink.

I think the drink could stand without the simple syrup, but decided that it was needed to make everything stand out.

Salt Vs Sugar Rim Job?

This was a simple one for me…. sugar. None of the ingredients really needed to be cut through, but they needed to be highlighted. Salt would have become the star if I used that, but sugar was an excellent enhancer to this cocktail.

Frozen Or Iced Margarita?

There just is something with fruity flavors and the margarita that make me think it should be frozen. The traditional margarita absolutely feels right on the rocks or as a shaken cocktail. The jalapeno margarita we made felt absolutely right as an ‘on the rocks’ drink. Anytime we start getting into super fruity or sugar-filled territory, I feel like we need to get that blender out. For this Kiwi Coconut Margarita, I think the blender is a requirement.

Like anything, if this is not what you want, make it how you would like. A person could take all of these ingredients and just shake them for a perfectly fine drink. You could even serve this coconut cocktail without ice, as long as it is shaken appropriately. Feel free to make this drink your own, but I am happy with what I ended up in this margarita.

What Do I Like Most About This Frozen Kiwi Coconut Margarita?

Well, that I get to make my wife happy! That, and I really got to experiment with margarita ingredients. It really was kind of a difficult one for me, as the kiwi flavor came across so subtly. I didn’t think that was going to be a problem, at all, as the fruit by itself has so much flavor. When I added the kiwi to frozen margarita experiment, however, the flavor seemed to disappear behind all the other margarita flavors.

Fortunately, I was able to work through this one and make a great kiwi and coconut cocktail. I hope you give this Frozen Kiwi Coconut Margarita a try and let me know how it goes in the comment section below. If you like what we are doing here, take a second to subscribe to get updates via email and follow me on Instagram.

Pouring coconut milk into the blender in preparation for making a margarita. There are two whole kiwis in the background, a spent lime, and a measuring cup.
Sliced kiwi in the blender with a carton of Silk Coconut milk displayed in the background.
Two Frozen Kiwi Coconut Margaritas on a white platform with a window looking outside in the background. Each margarita has a kiwi slice for garnish on the margarita glass.

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Frozen Kiwi Coconut Margarita with a kiwi slice as garnish. There is some ice laying on the board below along with a dish of sliced kiwi and a plate of sugar that was used for rimming the glass

Frozen Kiwi Coconut Margarita

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  • Author: Ben Myhre
  • Prep Time: 3 minutes
  • Cook Time: 2 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 Minutes
  • Yield: 2 cocktails 1x
  • Category: Cocktails
  • Method: Blend
  • Cuisine: Tropical
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Splashes of the tropics in Margarita form. This Frozen Kiwi Coconut Margarita brings all the tasty margarita flavors together in one glass. Try one today.


  • 2 ½ cups of ice
  • 4 ounces tequila
  • 2 ounces triple sec
  • ½ lime
  • 1 ounce of simple syrup
  • 2 ounces coconut milk
  • 2 whole kiwis, deskinned
  • Sugar to rim


  1. Add ice to blender
  2. Add tequila, Triple Sec, juice from the lime, coconut milk, kiwi, and simple syrup to blender
  3. Blend
  4. Using the spent lime, moisten margarita glass rim and rim with sugar
  5. Pour contents of blender into margarita glasses
  6. Serve

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