How To Make Gin Right At Home

Homemade Gin in a refillable bottle on a wood table

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How to make gin at home! Get a few ingredients and some vodka to make a great and easy rustic Gin




  1. Using muddler, slightly mash the juniper berries to release flavors in a separate bowl
  2. Add juniper berries and all other ingredients (minus the 50 grams of juniper berries) to container
  3. Let sit for 2 days
  4. Strain all materials out using funnel and cheesecloth into another bottle or dish (you are going to need to pour it back)
  5. Muddle the remaining 50g of juniper berries and add back to bottle
    Add remaining juniper berries
  6. Let sit for another day
  7. Strain again
  8. GIN!

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