From Scratch Tater Tot Recipe

tater tot recipe feature image. Tater tots on a pan with a potato

Why buy frozen when you can make your own tater tots at home? This recipe is easy and makes some dang good tots!




  1. Peel potatoes
  2. Finely Shred Potatoes (See Notes)
  3. Place in strainer and squeeze potatoes to get as much water out as possible ( I squeezed and let sit in
  4. strainer for a half hour, but not necessary.. just make sure as much water is removed as possible)
  5. Get your fryer going or add oil to pot appropriate for frying and fill to no more than half full of oil.
  6. Heat to 375 F
  7. While fryer is heating, In mixing bowl add egg and beat
  8. Add flour to bowl and mix with egg
  9. Add potatoes to bowl, salt, cayenne
  10. Mix
  11. Form potatoes to 2 inch long cylinders – they should be approximately tater tot shapes. Balls are fine, as well.
  12. Once heated, do the following in batches appropriate to the size of your fryer:
  13. Add the tots and cook approximately 5 minutes until outside is golden brown
  14. Remove from oil using appropriate basket
  15. Place on plate that has some paper towels to allow oil to drain off and cool
  16. Immediately sprinkle with salt
  17. After cooled enough to handle, eat.


The difference between grated, shredded, and finely shredded