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A loaded up bloody mary

Day drinking usually is not my jam, but when I do, I order a Bloody Mary. The infamous Bloody Mary cocktail is what we are going to spend the next several weeks covering and I am super excited. Stay with me on Ramshackle Pantry, as we explore Bloody Mary recipes and it’s history.

My Experience with Bloody Marys

While my history with this drink is not 100% blank, I have to admit that it has not been a constant throughout my drinking life. Probably what I remember most about the Bloody Mary is that my old place of employment (The Bison Turf) had a Sunday Bloody Mary bar that I both served and occasionally partook in.

You see, people would come out for the Vikings game and a Bloody Mary is like a brunch in a pint glass. So, I would set up the little bar with all the fixings, but on some days off, I would also come in and have a Bloody Mary or two or too many.

Having worked at a bar, it was not all that uncommon for a patron to order the drink. So, I have some experience making them, as well. Most often, however, we had a bloody mary mix that was the go-to mixer for the drink. Some people specifically requested not to use it, and I would mix my own. This was several years ago and my palate might have been different then (hint: I drank anything), but I thought I was pretty good at making them.

What I Hope to Cover

Well, we want to make a perfect Bloody Mary, of course. Another thing that seems ripe for the writing is about all the add-ons to this cocktail. Particularly in recent years, I have seen bloody marys that have full on smorgasbord of meals on top. I suspect we will spend some time exploring the toppings of a bloody mary.

Finally, I know that I am excited to learn about the history and spirit of this drink. Right now, I know absolutely nothing about its history. It is always fun to consume that knowledge. I feel like knowing the history of a dish or cocktail brings me closer to understanding what it is about. So, we will cover the history.

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