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Do you like butter, cream, dumplings, and chicken stock? Well, the new series on this traditional German soup is just the one for you. My family has never really been one that shares memories around the stove or oven, but one fond memory I have is cooking Knoephla soup with my grandmother Doris. Ever since that specific visit where we cooked the soup together, I have been enamored with Knoephla soup. You don’t know what it is? Well, we are going to be spending the next several weeks talking about it and related subjects.

Don’t Know What Knoephla Soup is?

We are going to explore this further, but just know that it is a traditional German soup that is popular in the upper midwest. It has flour dumplings, celery, and carrots in it. The soup is, as I know it, a chicken based soup, but always has cream and butter in it.

Ooohhh… I am so excited to make this!

What We Will Cover

I am going to be honest that I am not 100% sure where this series is going to take me. I know that this is a soup that is spelled many different ways. I have seen it spelled knefla, knephla, nefla, knoephla, and any other variation of those basic sounds. For most of this series, we are going to refer to this soup as knoephla soup, but refer to it however you please.

For this series I know that we are going to make Knoephla soup! I suspect that we are going to make a quick version and maybe try and construct a very good from-scratch version. I think we are probably going to try a variation recipe and I suspect we might delve into a separate German traditional recipe or two that reminds me of Knoephla.

As usual, we are going to try and investigate the history of this soup and I am sure I am going to try and put into context of the upper midwest. I doubt there is a church cookbook in the region that doesn’t have at least one Knoephla Recipe. And I am not a church goer, but I love seeing the church cook books. This soup is seriously that popular in my region.

Join us as we explore the wizarding world of Knoephla Soup!

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  1. I learned about knoefla soup when I was 14. My parents had moved us up to North Dakota. I learned (and quickly fell in love with) all of the old world German recipes, food and traditions in the area we lived in. The German culture is so strong up there and their food is AMAZING!