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For the next few weeks, we are going to explore the infamous and refreshing Mojito. Before I get too far into it, however, I want to take a few minutes to talk about sugar. A sweetener is an important part a Mojito recipe and I have seen many different recipes use different things. I have seen granulated sugar, fine sugar, and simple syrup used as sugar in a Mojito. Today, we talk about sugar.

What do I use for sugar in a Mojito?

Really, I am not sure it makes that much difference… I mean they are all sugar. For most cocktails that call for sugar, I probably use simple syrup most often because I have it readily available in my fridge. However, I feel that some of the best Mojitos I have made have been made with fine sugar.

How to make fine sugar

It really is very simple. Take some granulated sugar… put it in a blender and then run for 30 or so seconds. It really is just that simple. You don’t need to purchase another kind of thing to keep around the house. If you use a cup of granulated sugar it will make slightly less than a cup of fine sugar. Since the granules are smaller, it takes up a slightly smaller space.

As a side note, fine sugar is NOT the same as powdered sugar. Powdered sugar is fine sugar with cornstarch added. And I think that fine sugar would absolutely work as a substitute for powdered sugar (cornstarch is only added to prevent clumping in the container), BUT I don’t want you to have cornstarch in your Mojito!

Totally off topic, but you can also make brown sugar just by adding molasses to your granulated sugar.

What is wrong with simple syrup?

Nothing. Nothing at all. Simple syrup is a half and half combination of sugar and water that has been heated. It is heated only so the sugar fully combines with the water. Most Mojito recipes call for club soda, which is merely carbonated water. There really is not much difference except the water that is being added. I am just going to choose fine sugar as my sweetener.

What is wrong with just regular granulated sugar?

I have used granulated sugar in recipes that called for fine sugar or simple syrup. This can produce an inferior product. The only real problem is that you are more likely not to dissolve the sugar! With fine sugar, it does not take much to dissolve. With simple syrup, it is already dissolved.

As we move forward, I will be using fine sugar as my sweetener of choice, but always remember that there are options out there that can make beautiful Mojitos, even though they may not match exactly what other people say you should be using.

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