Hot Toddy Cocktail Deep Dive

November 19, 2017 (Last Updated: March 19, 2019) - As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The macaroni and cheese series is now completed and it is time to give my arteries a break. We are moving on to another classic hot cocktail, the hot toddy. Thanksgiving is next week, Christmas is nearly here, and it is time to warm our bellies with the comfort of a warm drink.

There are few cocktails that really stand out as a cold weather drink as much as a hot toddy. I can think of a few others, such as hot apple pie drinks, but these cold North Dakota evenings have me hunkering for a bit of warmth in my cocktail. This could also include an Irish coffee, but I don’t really want to get into the business of drinking coffee in the evening. This is a great time of year to celebrate the toddy.

With the exception of shopping, I do enjoy the holiday season. The thing that I enjoy most about it, however, are the foods and drinks that are prepared this time of year. Certain cookies, dishes, and cocktails are made this time of year that just aren’t as fun outside of Thanksgiving or Christmas. Our deep dive is one of the warm drinks that I think about on cold holiday evening.

Another reason I am excited about a hot toddy deep dive is that I think I get to use honey! Some of you may know that I am a beekeeper and this was my inaugural year. To be able to use my first honey harvest for my blog is a bit exciting.

Hot Toddy Deep Dive

The goal at Ramshackle Pantry is to make great recipes, but also to immerse ourselves in a topic. So, we are going to live in the world of hot toddies for the next little bit. We will make a hot toddy at the beginning and at the end. After all of the research, perhaps my idea of what a hot toddy is will change, so the final recipe will be a bit more thoughtful to the heritage of the drink. Our first recipe will still be good but will be my first thoughts on how to make the drink.

We will then look into the history and culture of the hot toddy cocktail. We will talk about the essential elements of the drink. Then we are going to make a few variation cocktails. Finally, we are going to revisit the classic drink to see if we would make anything different.

So, stay tuned to pick up some great hot toddy recipes and learn a few things about this classic cocktail! You should be able to see all hot toddy posts in this hot toddy category link.


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