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November 9, 2017 (Last Updated: May 17, 2019) - As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Hey all, I thought I would take a break from our exploration of macaroni and cheese to spend a few minutes sharing some of the things that I am really finding interesting, funny, or inspiring for this week.

My wife

Well, I dig my wife every single week, but wanted to give her a shout out here! She is coming on board at Ramshackle Pantry to help with the photography! YAY! This is my weak point and she has been messing around on her camera for a long time. She is has been leveling up our photography game already and super happy to have her participating in this thing!

Nose Hair Extensions

Whaaaaaaaat? Yup. This is a thing. Personally, I hope this trend really takes off. Really, I would like to see long extensions be added on top of those. Lol. No, I don’t think it is attractive, but it is so, so interesting. Plus, anything that will help promote middle-aged-hairy-dude problems is AOK in my book. I mean, if nose hair is fashionable, call me Vidal Sassoon… or whoever is fashionable right now.

Streaked Bacon

So, I learned some proper English this week that I just did not know about. I was reading a recipe somewhere on the internet that called for streaky bacon. What the heck is streaky bacon, I wondered. Well, a little bit of looking revealed to me that streaky bacon is just what the British call bacon. So, streaky bacon is bacon. I mean, streaky bacon makes sense. It does have a streak in it.

Incidentally, did you know that I wrote a cookbook about bacon? The cover is the featured image in this post. It is a great white elephant or a fun gift for the shopping season. Check it out on Amazon.

Winter is Coming!

More closely, winter is here and it seems a tad early. I actually do enjoy the first parts of winter. That first snow falls with the big honking flakes that quickly melt and just make the ground wet. Soon, however, I know we will be spending weeks in the sub zero temp ranges where it is physically painful to be outside. YUCK! I am not a fan of that part. Basically, the weather absolutely sucks in Fargo from the first or second week of Jan until April or early May.

If I had the means, I would reside here for most of the year and then be somewhere warm for the crappy months. I would want to make sure I am back for an ice fishing trip though. I ask a lot, don’t I. 🙂

Here, have a video of my sweet puppy dog, Kate Winslet, earning her keep by putting up with me!

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