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Every once in a while, I like to sneak a personal post into the mix. We are taking a break from our Chicago Deep Dish to talk about fun or interesting stuff. Well, fun or interesting to me. It gives you a chance to get to know me a better and share some of the things I am diggin on right now. Hence, it is called things I am digging. So here we go.

The Minnesota Vikings

Well, wowza. The Minneapolis Miracle. I was able to watch/listen to the game while ice fishing in Minnesota with some die hard Vikings fans. The defeat in the ice shack was visible before the amazing play that I have now seen a million times. I am not even THAT much of a football fan, but I tell you that was exciting. The prospect of the Vikings getting to a Super Bowl IN Minnesota IN the newer stadium. It is amazing and even watching it now sends shivers down my spine.

Ice Fishing Trip

Just returned from one of my yearly ice fishing trips with a couple of buddies and it was awesome. I would say we get into trouble, but how much trouble can we get into when it is negative 20 outside and you are in a box on a lake? None. See the picture above to get a sense of what it looks like, if you have never camped on a lake before.
Just a great time at Lake of the Woods slaying the Walleye. Between the three of us, we caught 99 fish and brought home enough to eat. It truly is one of my favorite trips of the year and a good chance to really catch up with friends that I have had for almost 25 years.


We recently resubscribed to Hulu and am able to catch up on a bunch of shows. I am reminded what a fun and clever show Superstore is. My favorite is Mark McKinney’s character, Glenn, and it is always fun to see Kids in the Hall alumni out doing stuff.

And besides Glenn, Bo is pretty awesome, as well:

We are Moving!!!

The next few weeks might be a little turbulent in our house as we are moving. After being in our current house for 7 years, we are moving to a space that works a bit better for us. When we moved here we had three cats. Well, now we have 4 cats, a St. Bernard, and both of us work from home. Things have gotten a little complicated with our current house layout. That changes this month.
It is such a pain in the ass to move, but I really am looking forward to getting settled into our new space. And, OH, the previous owner grew hops, so as a brewer, I am really excited to use up some of them in my beers!

I think that about covers it. Here, have a picture of my sweet puppy dog, Kate Winslet.

Kate Winslet the St. Bernard

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