Announcing gin and tonic classic cocktails series

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Hendrick gin and tonic

Thus far, we have covered hamburgers and Manhattan cocktails. Keeping with the spirit of this blog… it is time to move on! Gin and tonic is the subject matter we will be covering over the next few weeks. It may seem like a pretty straightforward and easy subject. There are, however,  quite a few interesting points of discussion surrounding gin and tonic.

The gin in gin and tonic

We are going to look at the nuances of gin. While some think that they all taste the same, there is actually quite a wide variety and complexity of gin tastes. There are different styles of gin and the history of the libation (sometimes referred to as “Mother’s Ruin” ) is pretty darn interesting.

Finally, we are going to make our own ingredients for a rustic gin and tonic. We are going to make the gin! This will be something that you folks can make at home and don’t need a crazy distillery or anything. And we are going to actually make the tonic! If gin and tonics are your thing, taking control of the ingredients is a pretty neat way to make something truly unique.

The tonic in gin and tonic

Tonic water is interesting, as well. It helped fight disease! But, we will get further into that in a later post. How the two (gin and tonic) came together to be recognized as a cocktail staple has an interesting role in history.

We are even going to make our own craft tonic. For reals. I am very excited to pull this together and share with you all.

The gin and tonic

Even though we are going to make our own gin and tonic ingredients, we are also going to look at what is available in the store. We will make a gin and tonic with store purchased ingredients. Maybe you noticed, I like Hendrick’s gin. Finally, we will pull together our rustic homemade gin with our handcrafted tonic to make some neat stuff happen in a rocks glass.

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