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Apple Pie

Apple Pie is a such a beautiful dessert and holiday treat. I have so many memories of Thanksgiving and Christmases where apple pie was served and a big dessert spread that is missing this American classic doesn’t feel quite right, does it?

This entire category is dedicated to apple pie and flavors that are related to apple pie. We include our take on apple pie, but also some interesting variations like hand pies, some streusel-topped pies, and others. We dedicate some time to the history of apple pie and apples, which have a great American heritage.

I personally feel a bit connected to apples, as I am a beekeeper and keep my hives on North Dakota’s largest apple orchard. I have helped plant trees for my friends that own it. As cheesy as it sounds, it feels really special to be a part of the circle of life that is going on with that farm.

If you like apples, desserts, and flavorful treats, this is the category for you! Check out all of our Apple Pie recipes and bake something delicious today!