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This is a tasty, interesting, and unique Cheesy Fried Pickles recipe. We are not just breading pickles but pairing it with Havarti cheese and frying our pickles in an egg roll wrapper. Inspired by one of my favorite local restaurants, this Cheesy Fried Pickles recipe is a beautiful appetizer you should try today or for your next game day snack.

Cheesy Fried Pickle cut in half on a cutting board with full egg rolls and dip.

Cheesy Fried Pickles Summary

This recipe is so simple and tasty. After drying off a pickle spear with a paper towel, lay it on an egg roll wrapper. Add in a bit of Havarti cheese, moisten the edges of a wrapper, and roll it up. 

Repeat this for four pickle spears or more if you need more servings. Set them aside and heat up some oil to 375° Fahrenheit. Cook your pickles for about 1 ½ minutes and eat them up!

What Makes These Fried Pickles Special?

Many of these recipes are just breaded pickles, but not this one. Don’t get me wrong, I love pickles, but this is an amazing fried pickle recipe. The creamy and gooey cheese pairs so well with this pickle recipe.

Wrapping this in egg roll wrappers makes it a different recipe than most. Combine the cheese, pickles, and wrappers together to make this an undeniably unique and tasty recipe.

Inspired By Local Restaurant

This pickle recipe is inspired by a local place called Toasted Frog here in Fargo, ND. The first time I tried it, I was sold, and shortly after that, I wanted to reproduce it at home.

While I am not sure I have it down 100%, I am about as close as you can get. I even wrote about it and shared a recipe in a local paper called High Plains Reader. My love affair with this recipe goes back a few years.

Pickle Spears Are Perfect For This Recipe

The thing about pickle spears is that they match up really well, length-wise, with the block cheese we call for in this recipe. Yes, you can use sliced Havarti and cut them to fit, but the 8-ounce blocks of cheese work well. 

Cutting the Cheese

With an eight-ounce block of Havarti cheese, you should be able to cut the cheese, length-wise, to fit the pickle spear. There should be about ½ to one ounce of cheese per spear. I vote for more cheese over less.

If you just have pre-sliced Havarti, use that! It absolutely works, but you just might need to be a bit creative in making it fit.

Havarti Cheese Substitutes

Havarti is my first choice, but I have also substituted gouda and hard mozzarella cheese for this recipe. To be honest, I think any hard cheese would work, but I have only actually tested with the kinds of cheese I mention.

While I think Havarti works best, other cheeses are superb, as well. Cheese, in general, is pretty awesome, right?

When Are These Done Frying?

In terms of safety, food temperature is not an issue with this recipe. That means that the limitations we have are practical. We want our cheese to be warm and gooey, the pickles to not be burnt, and the egg roll wrappers to not be burnt.

I have found that about 1 ½ minutes at 375° Fahrenheit is perfect. Pay attention to the color of the egg roll wrappers. They should end up a nice golden brown.

Listen to your oil. If you suddenly start hearing the crackling of the oil, it usually means the cheese is beginning to leak out. This can happen for a little bit, but around this time, I would start to think about taking the fried pickles out of the fryer. 

Wrapping cheesy pickles in egg roll wrapper and frying.

Pickle History Tidbit

Did you know that Cleopatra attributed some of her health and beauty to pickles? Or that Julius Caesar gave pickles to his troops believing it would make them stronger? Both of these are true. Pickles have a long history.

Pickles have been around for over 4000 years and were originally a way to preserve tasty cucumbers. That they taste awesome was probably a bonus, but preserving vegetables is important in human history. Pickles and pickling are a significant part of that history. 

Fried Pickle FAQ

How Do I Make Fried Pickles Crispy?

The great thing about this specific recipe is that the eggroll wrappers will automatically make this a crispy recipe. 

Should I freeze Pickles Before Frying?

No. While I have used this method in our cheese sticks recipe, this doesn’t need to be frozen beforehand. With just a minute and a half in fry oil, both the pickle and cheese should be warm and tasty.

What Dip To Serve With Fried Pickles?

I love this Chipotle Ranch Dip with this recipe, but any sort of ranch should work. Another one that would be good for this is the Bacon and Sriracha Dip Recipe or the Sriracha Maple Dipping sauce from this Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Sweet Potato recipe.

What Oil Should I Fry Pickles In?

I used corn oil in this recipe, but any high smoke-point oil should work well in a recipe like this. Some others I like for deep-frying are sunflower oil or peanut oil. 

Cheesy Fried Pickle Tips

  • If the oil starts crackling too loud, it might mean the cheese is leaking out, and they should be close to done, if not already done
  • Can substitute gouda or mozzarella cheese
  • Make sure to follow frying safety
Three full cheesy fried pickles and half one on a wood cutting board.

Products Used in This Recipe

Did You Make This Recipe?

I hope you love it as much as I do. This Cheesy Fried Pickle recipe is quick to make, so simple, and oh so tasty. If you tried it and liked it, please do me a favor and leave a review in the comment section below. This helps me understand your experience and informs other visitors if this is something they should make. Most of all, thanks for visiting Ramshackle Pantry, and I hope you try out more of our recipes!

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Cheesy Fried Pickle cut in half on a cutting board with full egg rolls and dip.

The Best Cheesy Fried Pickles

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  • Author: Ben
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 Minutes
  • Yield: 4 pickles 1x
  • Category: Appetizer
  • Method: Frying
  • Cuisine: American
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If you are looking for a tasty appetizer, this Cheesy Fried Pickle recipe is for you. Done in just 10 minutes, this is a simple, fast, and delicious recipe. Get out your pickle spears and give it a try today or for your next party! 


  • 4 dill pickle spears
  • 4 ounces block havarti cheese, cut into 4 equal, length-wise slices
  • 4 egg roll wrappers
  • water


  1. Heat oil to 375° Fahrenheit,
  2. Using paper towels, dry each pickle
  3. Place egg roll wrapper on a cutting board so that it is diamond shape from your perspective
  4. Place pickle with broadest side up on in the middle of the egg roll wrapper
  5. Add cheese against pickle spear
  6. If cheese is hanging over the sides of the pickle, trim up.
  7. Lightly wet the edges of the egg roll
  8. Fold egg roll wrapper corner that is nearest you, over the pickle
  9. Fold left and right edges in
  10. Roll up egg roll so everything is covered and set aside
  11. Repeat until all pickles are wrapped
  12. Cook pickles in hot oil for about 1 ½ minutes. I cook 2 at a time, but this will depend on the size of your pot. Egg rolls should be golden brown
  13. Remove from oil onto a plate lined with paper towels. 
  14. Cut in half and serve with dip. I recommend this Chipotle Ranch Dip


  • If the oil start crackling too loud, it might mean the cheese is leaking out and they should be close to done, if not already done
  • Can substitute gouda or mozzarella cheese
  • Make sure to follow frying safety
  • Serve with this Chipotle Ranch Dip Recipe.
  • For Calories, I estimated 40 grams of corn oil based on measuring before and after oil weight and accounting for a little oil dissipating into the air. 


  • Serving Size: 1 pickle
  • Calories: 260 Calories
  • Sugar: 0 g
  • Sodium: 620 mg
  • Fat: 19 g
  • Saturated Fat: 7 g
  • Unsaturated Fat: 12 g
  • Carbohydrates: 15 g
  • Fiber: 0 g
  • Protein: 8 g
  • Cholesterol: 25 mg

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  1. I know what restaurant you are talking about! This version is good and easy to make. While I will continue getting them at The Toasted Frog, it is great to know I can make them at home.