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Traditional bourbon old fashioned recipe

September 25, 2017 (Last Updated: September 30, 2017)
Traditional Old Fashioned recipe

Let’s make a great drink! We have looked at the history of the Old Fashioned and the elements that make this great cocktail. Today, we are going to construct the best damn possible bourbon Old Fashioned recipe. Click here to go straight to recipe.

Ingredient choices in this bourbon Old Fashioned recipe

As discussed in our previous posts, this classic cocktail has taken many turns and evolutions that have resulted in a variety of recipes. Each may be an Old Fashioned, but I am going to get a little opinionated about the kind of drink I want to make for my traditional Old Fashioned.

The Old Fashioned roots go back to the early 1800s and the Whiskey cocktail, but my drink is going to steal mostly from the era of the late 1800s. We are using raw sugar, block ice, and muddling in the glass. And as far as fruit goes, a simple lemon peel squeezed over the top and placed in the drink.

old fashioned from a top view

I really have had a fun time looking into the Old Fashioned cocktail. There is such a rich and interesting history that not only speaks to the drink, but is a reflection of American history. I hope you enjoy my take on a traditional Old Fashioned!

Traditional Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

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Serves: 1 Cooking Time: 5 minutes


  • 2 oz bourbon
  • 1 splash of water
  • 1 Sugar cube (made here)
  • 3 dashes Angostora bitters
  • 1 slice lemon peel
  • 1 large ice cube
  • 1 Old Fashioned or Lowball glass



Add sugar cube to Old Fashioned glass


Add bitters, directly on sugar cube


Add splash of water


Muddle ingredients


Add bourbon


Add ice cube




Lightly twist lemon peel over drink to add zest


Garnish with same lemon peel

This traditional bourbon old fashioned recipe is sure to knock your socks off. This cocktail is a mixology dream and a flavor punch to your palate. All you need is some bourbon, a sugar cube, bitters, lemon, a splash of water and ice. Lets get this going!

I dig food and drink. One thing I really enjoy is digging deep into recipes and history. I like to think that I have an L.A. face and an Oakland bootie, but nobody has ever really verbalized it before. They are probably thinking it. Find out more in the About page.

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