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Vegetarian Recipes

No matter the reason we might be looking for a vegetarian recipe, the simple truth is that most of us just don’t get enough veggies! I am here to help change that. And believe me, I do eat meat, but I also think it is important to explore these recipes and make sure to incorporate vegetables into a diet.

In fact, vegetables should make up a considerable portion of a diet. The recipes you will find here are going to be meat-free and are intended to help you find main courses, sides, and desserts that are free from meat.

Much of what we are about here at Ramshackle Pantry are comfort foods and I do not shy away from fatty stuff! Heck, I wrote a book about bacon! That said, did you know that most of our dinners are vegetarian? That is right. My wife does not eat meat and so we generally eat vegetarian. I love all of the food I make here, but I also recognize that it is good to take care of my body and the environment.

Meatless Monday

It doesn’t have to be a Monday, but it isn’t a bad idea to pick a day out of the week to eliminate meat from. I find this to be a fun and interesting way to help expand your cooking capabilities and explore vegetarian recipes.

A person doesn’t need to be a stereotypical ‘hippie’ or whatever to enjoy a vegetarian meal. Just pick a day and find some recipes that you or your family might enjoy. Try them! If you don’t like it, don’t make it again.

Sometimes, however, maybe you find a winner that will become a part of your regular meal planning. Great! Your health will thank you for it.
Why Vegetarian Meals?

There are a few great reasons to try and incorporate vegetarian meals into the mix.

They Can Be TASTY!

Look, there are some great dishes that are vegetarian. If you don’t think so, you just haven’t tried enough. Explore these vegetarian recipes and try and find something that works for you!


It is healthy to eat vegetables! Yes, there are plenty of vegetarian meals that are loaded with calories or fat. That said, generally, vegetarian recipes tend to be better for you. I am not here to dictate how anybody eats or drinks (I mean, look at me), but I want you around for a long time to make these Ramshackle Pantry recipes!

Seriously though, you have a family that cares about you and I hope you care about yourself. It is never a bad idea to make a move in the food department to increase your health just a bit. You might make it a few extra years to enjoy the people you love.

The Environment

Eating vegetarian can be better on the environment. It takes less resources to grow and generally has a lower strain on the production capacity. If you take one meal and turn it into a vegetarian meal, you are helping.

Is it perfect? Nah! I am not perfect either, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t work to be 1% better at being a steward to my family’s health and the environment.

The Animals

I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

A Note About Cheese

Vegetarianism and cheese. Rennet is an animal product that comes from the stomach of livestock. Because of this, it technically is not vegetarian. I generally don’t discuss the difference in most posts, but there are plenty of cheeses that are vegetarian and made with plant rennet. Not all vegetarians abide by this or even know it, but it is something to be aware of.

Enjoy Your Meal!

No matter the reason you are looking for a vegetarian meal, enjoy it! The world is full of great veggies, plants, roots, tubers, and all vegetarian things. Do yourself a favor and explore them.