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Craft Cocktail Recipes

We live in a time where great cocktail recipes are getting their due. Classic cocktail recipes are being served in drinking establishments all over the world and every bar and bartender comes up with a specialty drink. Craft cocktail recipes help celebrate the spirits and liquors that we love.

Craft cocktails may be inspired the classics, such as my Ross Sour Cocktail recipe, they might even be a classic, or they may be something entirely new. New liquors are constantly coming out and new combinations of spirits, juices, sodas, and whatever are being thought up. All to entertain adults.

Fortunately, it works. We love our drinks and it is fun to experiment with drinks. It is great to have a signature drink or make something special for your guests. It may include unique ingredients, a special presentation, glassware, or anything that brings a uniqueness to a cocktail.

You don’t need to go to the bar to enjoy a special drink, but you can make one at home. Perhaps you want to enjoy a special night at home. Or, perhaps you are having guests over and want to make a cocktail that will impress them? Heck, can’t you just enjoy a special drink?

No matter the reason why you are interested in craft cocktails, one part of it is taste and experience. This list of cocktails should make your mouth water and make you want to run to the liquor cabinet. Enjoy this list of beautiful craft cocktail recipes.